Purrito the Cat Felted Wool Best Buddy - Handcrafted + Fair Trade

$10.00 $15.95

This delightful kitty is aptly named Purrito!

And this is the reason... he loves burritos. Just take his waist measurement; and here's a hint, it is his largest measurement "ahem". He purrs like crazy, but only when he is happy (which is only when he is full). He is handmade of hand-felted wool in stripes of black and grey, with a pink nose and eyes that are always looking for....  well, you know what! 

Sturdy, all-natural materials, no chemical treatment or harmful dyes are used!

Dimensions: 9.5" tall x 8-8.5" long x 12" waist measurement! (Whoa!)

Your purchase of these wool animals gives much-needed work to  the women that sew them, and the fair-wage income that they receive helps them lift up their family's standard of living.

Importantly, a gift that gives back to struggling women:

  • Handcrafted with love and gratitude, in Nepal
  • Made of Felted Wool, + Thread  
  • Fair-trade certified
  • For children 3 and up
  • No chemicals are used! 
  • Child-safe
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    Fair Trade

    Social Enterprise

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