Handmade Beveled Glass Beach Prism with Starfish and Seashells

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This Handmade Beveled Glass Beach Prism with Starfish and Seashells Brings the Ocean to Your Home...

Are you someone whose heart belongs to the ocean? Whose soul finds solace in the whispers of the waves, and whose spirit dances with the starfish and seashells? If so, this beautiful handmade beveled glass beach prism is the only piece of decor you need. Its interior features a unique collection of starfish and seashells, creating a mini ocean oasis that's both calming and captivating. 

Use it as a paperweight on your desk, a centerpiece for your table, or a conversation starter on your coffee table to bring the tranquil essence of the sea into your home - no matter how far from the shore you may be!

Each sweet prism is made in the USA. They're completely handmade by a talented female entrepreneur and artisan! So, you're not only bringing the ocean closer to home, but you're also supporting dreams. 

This makes a great gift for ocean lovers, beach lovers, or lovers of sea creatures! Its presence evokes the feeling of a seaside stroll, where the sun-kissed sand meets the sparkling surf - and every time they look at it they'll think of you and feel at ease.

Product Details: 

  • Measures approximately 3" x 3" x 3"
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Made in the USA

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