Goldilocks Puppets - Goldilocks & The 3 Bears Finger Puppets Set


Our new Felted Wool Finger Goldilocks Puppets are here!

The Goldilocks puppets are some of our grandchildren's favorites! The four sweet finger puppets will help you entertain your little one until you finally hear those first, most precious smiles and chuckles. These first simple acts of communication are so dear to all new parents! 

And they will still play with these sweet finger puppets as they get older! The lightweight, soft wool will fit on their little hands so easily. Even as they start making up their own versions of the timeless story. Finger puppets are a big favorite with toddlers. They are light and easy to hold, with colorful, cute, friendly faces!

The puppets are made of only natural, untreated wool and thread and have no chemicals or harmful products on them. Hand stitched with threads featuring vegetable dyes only!

Product Details:

  • Approx.  3-1/2 to 4" tall
  • Set includes Mama Bear, Father Bear, Baby Bear, and of course, Goldilocks puppets!

 Sweet - Safe - and Simply Adorable!

They are hand-stitched with love and gratitude (see below). 


Nearest and dearest to our hearts, are our own felted wool products!  

This set of finger puppets is adorable and sturdy, yes - but the reason we love them the most is that they are happy, go-lucky agents for change! 

When you purchase these adorable little characters to delight your child, you are also helping a family in Nepal feed and educate their family. The artisan makers of our Wool Felt products receive job training, then Fair Wage income, and the opportunity for a better life for their whole family. Most of the artists are women with children. 

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