Fortune Cat Figurine (Assorted)

$4.95 $9.95

Own your own Fortune Cat and Enhance your Lucky Streak.

Or, give one to a friend to gift them some luck!

The Maneki Neko (Fortune Cat) figurine can be found at the entryways of businesses and homes in Japan. These 3 cats shown, hold different symbols of luck and fortune, and beckon to customers or visitors, ushering in success and prosperity.

These little fortune cats are small enough to go wherever you go - set it on your desk at work, leave it in your car, carry it in your bag or pocket. Give the cat a name - you are friends forever! Especially when your luck starts rolling in....

  • 1.25" high
  • 3 assorted styles shown. 
  • Your single fortune cat is picked at random... good luck!
  • Made in Japan.
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