Fortune Cat Charms w/ Strap (Assorted)

$4.95 $9.95

Fortune Cats Attract... well, Good Fortune, of course! 

With these Fortune Cat Charms, you can take Good Fortune wherever you go!  And, there is no greater gift than wishing someone else wealth and happiness, right? A perfect little gift for a friend. 

These little kitties beckon luck with their tiny paws and tinkling bells. Put one on your rear view mirror, and feel protected... kind of like having a very special friend along for the ride! They are equally happy riding on a backpack or purse, or hanging on a doorknob - or dozens of other spots you may think of. 

Tiny Bell is 1/4" ; the braided strap makes the Charm hang Approx 5-6".  

NOTE - This purchase if for ONE Cat Charm, out of the 5 shown colors they come in; a  specific color cannot be ordered, we will pick a color for you from the assortment. .

Not a toy for children.

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