Finny and The Biff - Sticker Story Books

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 Introducing “Finny and The Biff”: A feel-good sticker story book series! 

Simply Inspired is so proud to bring you this ORIGINAL one-of-a-kind sticker story book series! Not yet available in stores!

Journey along with a colorful cast of characters, including 7-year-old “Biff” and her furry best friend “Finny,” as they discover what makes everyday adventures so special. 

Beautifully illustrated with lots of fun stickers, these books encourage children to engage with each scene, deepening their connection to the characters and positive storylines. 

In “Be Amazing,” the series’ first book, Finny helps Biff understand how simple acts of kindness make her feel so good about herself - and also has such a favorable effect on others. 

In “Be Anything,” the series’ second book, Finny helps The Biff see all the possibilities that exist when you believe in yourself.

And Now Available...

Finny and The Biff are back again with a third awesome sticker storybook, "Be Yourself!" Spend some time with our favorite duo as they discover that being yourself is more than okay—it’s really, really special...

Oh, and I have a tip for you - watch those squirrels very carefully!


  • Simple, feel-good message is perfect for story time
  • Positive messages for parents and caregivers to discuss with children
  • Stickers encourage children to physically connect with the story
  • Colorful, relatable characters help to empower the child to be kind, thoughtful, and confident in their everyday lives, too

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