Felted Wool Bee Hive Ornament


This Bizzy Bee Hive ornament is absolutely the cutest! 

It's made of 100% Felted Wool only, so is virtually unbreakable! And, having a Bee theme instead of a Christmas one, it can decorate a home all year round!And it's a good-sized ornament, not a tiny little thing! (DIMENSIONS - approx. 4" tall x 3" in diameter - and a 4" ribbon hanger!) 

This gorgeous, soft, felted wool ornament makes a perfect gift for those friends and family that are beekeepers, and with the Honeybee being in such danger, so many other people are now getting to know about bees and appreciate what they do for us! Here at Simply Inspired Goods, we make a donation to the Karma Honey Project for every Bee Hive Ornament that we sell! 

Your purchase of these decorations gives much-needed work to  the women that sew them for us in Nepal, and the fair-wage income that they receive helps them lift up their family's standard of living!

Skilled artisans in Nepal, almost all women, use 100% natural wool (no chemicals!) and non-toxic dyes, and create this keepsake set completely by hand. They work with love and gratitude, as skilled jobs for women are hard to come by in Nepal. They are paid with Fair Trade standard wages, and so are able, with this work, to help give their families a better life. Truly, a gift that keeps giving! 

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