Colorful Felted Wool Easter Eggs

$34.95 $44.95

These completely hand crafted + hand felted wool Easter eggs are adorable... children and adults, just love them.

Available in 3 different designs: Polka Dots, Stripes, or Flowers. 

These delightful felted wool Easter eggs are completely hand-made, one at a time, by our artisan sisters in Nepal. The women join together in groups to fulfill our special orders, that will be amazing for your children's Easter baskets. 

  • Dimensions -  Approx. 2.5" long, circumference is 5.5".
  • The colors of each assortment will be exactly as you see in the pictures.
  • Fair Trade Certified wages are paid.
  • Eco-Friendly - they will last for years, sturdy, will never break.
  • No chemical-containing dyes are used.
  • 100% Wool. 
  • unscented.

With rural families all over the world not having not enough work, we choose to take a different route than most businesses. Instead of having these items manufactured by machine, we have chosen to give hand work to women in less-privileged countries. 

Your purchase of these products gives much-needed work to these women, and the fair-wage income that they receive helps them to lift up their family's standard of living.

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