It’s official, friends. We’ve reached the last feature in our Spotlight on Women Makers Series! We’ve had so much fun this Women's History Month featuring just a handful of the influential women makers and artisans we work with at Simply Inspired. Together, we can create a more beautiful world by supporting their inherent talents! 
So, last but certainly not least, in this series, we have lowercase toys. 

This sustainable, developmentally friendly toy brand is the brainchild of mom and Speech-Language Pathologist Breanna Davis. In June 2018, she started this business to provide better resources for purposeful play that help parents and educators alike. 

Recently, there has been a movement to get a little less digital, and a little more traditional in pretend play for little ones. Why? Studies have found that they’ve found that over half of children aren’t getting enough pretend playtime as they grow. So now, toys like those produced by lowercase toys are showcasing their importance in the growth and development of the next generation! 


Why Developmentally Appropriate Toys Are Essential for Children’s Growth

The magnificent maker-friendly lowercase toys products spark a child’s imagination to tinker, create, wonder, and grow. In addition, each toy in their collection is geared towards skill-building, so children are learning while having fun, without even realizing it!

Their block sets spark problem-solving, creative thinking, and creativity. At the same time, their felt doll collection supports the development of language and social skills. Both allow little ones to develop fine motor skills as they play, handling each block or doll with ultimate care and function.

Fun and games are so much more than just that. They are tools to help raise the next generation. And many families are uncovering that with the creative and intentional toys designed by Breanna and her team! 


lowercase toys Puts Sustainability First to Preserve Our World

But not only is Breanna designing toys that are good for our children. All lowercase toys are good for the world too. 

This unique toy brand is ultra-conscious of its environmental impact, with daily business practices reducing its footprint. Breanna is hyper-aware that sustainability in manufacturing is so important to share resources with the next generation, to preserve our Earth for the demographic they’re looking to care for—our youth!

So, how are she and her team doing it? 

The company makes most of their products with felt. But it’s not just any felt. Each piece is manufactured from recycled water bottles, which is so unique! As they work towards a zero-waste business model, they donate all unused felt to local makerspaces for youth. 

Finally, they have eliminated first- and single-use plastic from their products and packaging. 


Uncover Our lowercase toys Favorites

All the products that lowercase toys manufactures come out of their in-house studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. So, everything is not only good for your child’s imaginations, but it supports the livelihoods of other American families. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Our Felt "GIRL DOLL" Starter Set - Artisan Made in USA

Perfect for families who love to travel with little ones, this kit is ultra-portable and light for play on the go! The felt dolls are made for ages 3+ with diverse skin tones and hair to help spark love and acceptance for diversity.

Interlocking Felt Blocks - Artisan Made in USA

Do you have a little one that loves to tinker? If so, these blocks are ideal. They’re blocks made from felt, so they’re soft to the touch for safe play. It’s so fun to see what little minds can dream up when their imagination is allowed to run wild.

Tangrams Felt Blocks - Artisan Made in USA

These are great for those curious little ones who like solving problems. Using picture cards as guides, they can re-design the fun shapes they see with these easily portable building blocks.

The toys' mission and their ethical local manufacturing processes truly separate this company from the rest. It feels good to support a woman-owned business doing good in this world, doesn’t it?


Let’s Continue to Celebrate Women Makers Together.

We mustn’t just celebrate women makers during Women’s History Month. Women deserve to be supported and celebrated all year round, which we do here at Simply Inspired! 

Sign up for emails and peruse the collection to shop and support women makers everywhere. Cheers to the shared success that comes from women supporting women unconditionally! 

March 30, 2022 — Darlene Hancox