Since our inception, the Simply Inspired team has scoured the globe to find partners who create unique products that spark joy. But it's more than that. We want to ensure these partners are doing good for the environment and their people. This is why we partner with organizations supporting women artisans and makers worldwide. We understand that providing women with education and economic empowerment
opportunities is the key to overcoming some of the traditional shackles put on women globally. The partnership with Nepali artisans that we will share with you today is one of our proudest endeavors! It's encompasses all these values and more.


The Sisterhood of the Bees Story

It all started when we bought a simple felted wool bag. When we received the bag, we were blown away by the quality, the texture, and the craftsmanship. It was all unique from what we had seen before. We knew immediately that this product style was something we wanted to offer. It was a sweet piece that we had scoured the internet to find, and we wanted to make it more easily accessible.

After some digging, we found out that Nepali artisans were responsible for this artful piece. So, we set out to find a cooperative of Nepali women artisans who could help us craft our own Simply Inspired line of sweet, felted wool pouches perfect for gifting.

It took us some time. Eventually, we cultivated a relationship with a friendly group of women artisans in the Mithila region of Nepal. They use fair-trade practices, no child labor, and produce their products from materials native to the area in which they operate. Although some can't work outside the home, they’re provided the skills and opportunity to make the crafts from anywhere. And in turn, they make fair wages on their terms. 

These women are innately creative. The first design we collaborated with them on was our signature felted bee bag. If you’ve been following us for a bit, you know that the preservation of bees is a major initiative for us. We donate part of the proceeds from bee bags to conservation efforts through The Karma Honey Project. As such, we wanted a product indicative of that initiative. So, our relationship was solidified by developing this lovely bee-centric product, all with talented women each step of the way. 

But That Wasn't the End...

We enjoyed seeing their talents in action and were so impressed with the hand-stitched details and eco-friendly production. We knew we had to continue our work with them! So, as such, the Sisterhood of the Bees was born. Now, that’s what we call our strong relationship with these women and the Simply Inspired community who purchase these felted wool items that are doing good for the world.

Today, we consistently work side-by-side with these women. Together we cultivate a signature collection of felted goods to release each season, just for our Simply Inspired community. From the moment you purchase your first felted product, you’re a part of this special sisterhood of women supporting women across the globe! 


The Next Chapter of This Budding Partnership with Nepali Artisans

Now, we are turning the page on our partnership with this group of Nepali artisans to the next chapter. Of course, we will continue to create the unique products we love with them. However, we are ready to do more. 

We are joining forces with their leadership team to support a classroom of Nepali youth. With this, we can invest in the growth and education of the community in which our artisans live and work. The program will empower the next generation through access to education. A group of 30 local children receives a meal, clothing, and a daily class with school supplies.

Furthermore, a woman instructor leads our classroom, which is rare. In Nepal, especially in the rural community in which we work, women's education has not been a priority. Historically, in Nepal, women aren’t seen as equals to men, similar to many other developing nations worldwide. This is why when cultivating the program, we knew that the instructor must be a woman. We want to encourage young girls to join, even if it's not traditional. One of our many goals with the program is to ensure young Nepali children see that women are just as smart, capable, and powerful as men. We know this program will inspire the next generation to break the status quo, embrace their power, and elevate those in their community regardless of gender!  

We look forward to providing continued updates on this exciting new initiative for the Sisterhood of the Bees! 


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April 06, 2022 — Darlene Hancox