Happy Earth Day from Simply Inspired, friends! This Friday, April 22nd, this global celebration will place a light on sustainability, eco-friendly living, conservation and preservation efforts, and more. Earth Day began over 50 years ago in an attempt to recognize the potentially detrimental health and environmental effects of over 150 years of industrialization. On the first Earth Day in 1970, over 20 million Americans, which back at that time was 1/10 of the population, took a conscious step, supporting the movement with peaceful protests. It ultimately led to the organization of the Environmental Protection Agency and the passing of bills like the Clean Water Act. It sparked change and progress in a time where the focus was on growth, power, and production, not sustainability. So, when the celebration went global in 1990, it only grew. And the need for environmental awareness and corporate accountability is increasing with it.

Today more than ever, we need to honor Mother Earth and protect her future. That's why Simply Inspired is trying to take a conscious step towards fostering awareness while also doing our part to give back to the environment, animals, and other humans in this world. One way we do that is by partnering with companies doing good and supporting these causes too. 

So today, we want to introduce you to one of those partners in light of the Earth Day celebrations on the horizon. Meet Conscious Step!


Conscious Step: Helping Revive & Nurture Mother Earth 



The Mission

To start, we need to share their words about their mission. They’re intentional and powerful: 

“Conscious Step is committed to lasting social and environmental change. Every step we take in our production process supports farms and factories with fair wages, safe facilities, and sustainable materials.”

Their goal is to provide power and purpose with every purchase, helping heal our planet and its people, which aligns directly with our mission at Simply Inspired. This is why you’ll find their cozy socks in our collection!

 The Story

It all started in 2013 when the founders were winners of the UNSW Sydney Seed Fund Pitch Competition. The trifecta who started the company is made up of a medical doctor, an industrial designer, and a finance professional who wanted to shed light on the causes that needed extra support in our world. Nearly ten years later, they’ve donated almost a million dollars in profits to organizations like St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, The Trevor Project, Conservation International, National Alliance on Mental Illness, etc.

But it’s not just about their giving. They’re also advocates for ethical manufacturing, which was part of their inspiration for sourcing a clean supply chain, as manufacturing is one of the most significant pollutants in our world today. Here’s how they’re doing it:


Organic Fabrics
All their socks are Global Organic Fiber Standard (GOTS)-certified. This certification ensures that the textiles are organic, from analyzing the raw materials to reviewing the sustainable harvesting and production process. The cotton they use is vegan, Oeko-Tex-certified, and certified fair-trade. Rest assured, there are no pesticides or harmful chemicals in sight, nor any use of animal testing throughout the production process, ensuring the safety and livelihoods of the animals and humans that contribute to their mission.

Ethical Employment
The factories they operate in India employ many. They observe transparent employment practices with fair wages, paid overtime, and no child labor, unfortunately, rare for international factories. To ensure transparent operations, they visit the facilities regularly and undergo routine audits from organizations like WRAP and SEDEX.
So, now that you know more about them, we want to share some of our favorite socks and who they are supporting. Literally the softest, coziest pair you’ll ever try. Plus, they’re doing good!



Important Causes That Conscious Step Socks Support

This is just a tiny sample of the causes that Conscious Step socks are supporting through intentional partnerships making this world a more beautiful place for us and preserving it for the next generation.


The Animals


Protect Australian Animals Gift Box - Organic Socks from Conscious Step

This box is a perfect gift that gives back. It includes three pairs embroidered with kooky kangaroos, sneaky crocs, and sleepy koalas. A portion of all proceeds supports Wildlife Warriors and their work to save the unique creatures of Australia. 



Organic Socks that Save Cats Lives (+ Dogs Lives)

Cats and dogs are a part of the family in our house. How about you? These pairs support Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. In fact, they operate a huge sanctuary for thousands of homeless cats and dogs while advocating for the 8 million companion animals that wind up in shelters each year!


Organic Socks that Protect Penguins and the Arctic

Your feet won’t catch a chill with this pair that supports Arctic waters! Part of the profits go towards funding Oceana. They’re the largest advocacy organization focused solely on oceans. Ultimately, they want our seas to be healthy and abundant for years to come.


If you like this cause, you can also check out the Protect Ocean Animals Gift Box - Organic Socks from Conscious Step


The People


Organic Socks that Plant Trees

These don’t only support the environment. But, they also support development in third-world countries. How, you ask? Conscious Step partners with "Trees for the Future." This organization educates and empowers families in developing nations, helping them reclaim land with plants and trees that will thrive in their backyards. The food those plantings produce improves the family's standard of living – while feeding the earth and its people!


Give Water Gift Box - Organic Socks from Conscious Step

Every sale of these socks provides additional funding to Water.org to improve lives with their clean water and sanitation programs. So far, Conscious Step has provided villagers in developing nations with 121,654 years of access to safe water. That’s impact.


Let’s Create a Better World Together This Earth Day, One Step at a Time

Today, Earth needs us to be more conscious of the organizations we’re supporting. How they operate, the products they use, how they treat their people. We’re honored to partner with a company like Conscious Step Socks because they’re thinking through each facet in-depth, thinking about how they can positively impact this world. When we all make conscious decisions about the products we purchase and their effects on our planet, we can collectively move towards a brighter, healthier, poverty-free world.


Shop their collection with Simply Inspired, and help Mother Earth this Earth Day! 


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April 20, 2022 — Darlene Hancox