Did you know that today is National Tell a Story Day? Stories weave together our entire world if you think about it. It’s how we learn where we come from, how we explore new topics and places as a daily escape, and how children learn about this thing called life. Without stories, we’d have no connections to share.

So, are you ready to celebrate National Tell a Story Day with a little bit of inspiration for how to celebrate with the little ones in your life? 

Storytelling Helps Each Generation Learn & Grow

Firstly, stories have been integral to our culture and world for eternity. In fact, the first indication of storytelling was found on cave walls in France, drawn out by people over 30,000 years ago. For a long while, storytelling was used to make sense of the world, to pass on knowledge from generation to generation-first for survival, and now out of a desire for connection and culture, but now, it’s more than that. 

It's entertainment, it’s escape, and for little loves, it’s the way they make sense of the world. 

In a recent National Geographic article, they explained, “[Storytelling] helps us to find order in things that have happened to us and make sense of the events of a random world.” Now, what are kiddos doing when they engage in pretend play? They’re writing their own narratives, which are often inspired by day-to-day experiences that they need to mentally work out as they grow into capable and compassionate youth and adults.

So as you can see, storytelling through play helps children build interpersonal communication skills, develop empathy, spark creativity, and more. Without storytelling through pretend play, our children’s growth would look wildly different!

So, how do you inspire your child to grow through telling stories this National Tell a Story Day? First, you can make sure they have the right tools. 

A Few of Our Simply Inspired Pretend Play Favorites for National Tell a Story Day

Part of teaching a child the art of storytelling goes beyond just reading them stories. In addition to stories, you must allow them to play unstructured, channeling only their imaginations. This way, without even realizing it, they’re creating stories all their own.

Leota - Black Hair with Purple Dress

We cultivate our diverse collection of soft dolls to inspire relationship building! Doll play has been shown to teach interpersonal connection and can help children act out situations they’re experiencing in their “real life.” This biodegradable doll is handmade in a socially responsible way in Sri Lanka, with safe and non-toxic products.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Finger Puppet Set

Without a doubt, finger puppets allow little ones to bring stories to life. So it’s extra fun when they want to act out one of their favorite bedtime stories with this Goldilocks set. Our artisan partners in Nepal make these sweet puppets by hand with love, featuring soft felted wool. 

Theo The Raven Glove Hand Puppet from Haba

This puppet is extra fun because he’s a ravenous raven! There’s a pocket designed to act out food-centric scenes. Slightly older kids can have fun drawing and coloring all kinds of pretend food to feed him and see if he likes it.

Our Felt "GIRL DOLL" Deluxe Set - Artisan Made in the USA

Understandably, we all want to give our children toys that are good for the world. lowercase toys, a woman-owned company creating sustainable toys that spark meaningful development in little ones, makes this felt doll. All the felt they use is made from recycled materials. Plus, they donate any unused felt to local makerspaces to abide by a no-waste business model.

each Mice - Little Sister in Cabin by Maileg

Maileg is a nostalgic toy brand that has a whole cast of characters. This little lady is about to have a perfect beach day! You can grab her brother and parents for an entire family ready to act out your child’s tales.

Soft Bunny Small - Off White by Maileg

But, Maileg doesn’t just make mice families. They make bunnies too! In the Maileg world, mice and bunnies can be besties, and family comes in all shapes and sizes. With these toys, children can create their own family stories to tell.

Tender Leaf Stables

Plush toys aren’t the only toys sparking the storytelling itch! They ethically manufacture the Tender Leaf wooden toys in Sri Lanka from recycled wood. Each piece contributes to a scene where kids can let their imagination run wild. This kit allows your kiddo to have a fun day at the stable, riding and petting the ponies (and maybe sneak them a mint or two), and more.

Spark Your Child’s Imagination this National Tell a Story Day

So, today, we want to inspire you to celebrate National Tell a Story Day in a creative way. Spend some time with your child participating in free play with some of your child’s favorite toys. Let their imagination soar; allow them to dream up the most magical stories this world has ever heard!

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April 27, 2022 — Darlene Hancox