Before you become a parent and you’re shopping for gifts for friends or family, you probably look at toys as simply entertainment value. We did! But, things change once you have children and grandchildren of your own or watch your little nieces or nephews grow. You’ll start to realize how little ones interact and learn from every single moment. It’s then that you fully understand that they’re much more than just entertainment. Toys have so many educational and developmental benefits for every age! Choosing the perfect toy is far more than just the color or how trendy it may be at the time. It’s about learning which toys will match a child’s stage of life and development to help them grow safely! Why is this important, and what toys can you search for? Today we’ll look at just that (hint: basic is better, go for the simple toys).

Why Simple Toys Promote Greater Development in Little Ones

An article by Forbes about the best toys for toddlers shared that a choice should be made based upon whether a toy is baby-powered or battery-powered. They explained, “When a child engages with a battery-powered toy, they will press a button as they wait to be entertained. Baby-powered toys offer opportunities for growth, problem-solving, challenge, achieving goals.” 

This straightforward explanation is at the heart of why simple toys are better. 

With electronic toys, children follow a path that the toymaker has created for them. They’re not exercising their imagination or working through life as they’re learning. Rather than being self-taught and learning intuitively, they’re learning to push buttons, waiting to be guided towards the next thing. 

Simple toys allow children to imagine the possibilities, make their own discoveries, play out social situations, and problem-solve with their own minds. This sets the stage for complex problem-solving, interpersonal skills, and boundless creativity later in life as they continue to grow! 

Our Favorite Simple Toys from Simply Inspired’s Collection Perfect for All Ages

Here are a few of our favorite simple toys that we have in our collection! 

Maileg Mice & Bunnies

This brand is well-known across the globe for its timeless creations. Their stuffed mice and bunnies each take on their own unique personality and help children play out a wide variety of life scenarios with fun accessories. Plus, they show children that any type of creature can become a part of the family!

Soft Dolls

Soft dolls are not only great for comfort and cuddling, but they also help develop interpersonal skills. Little ones can feed and nurture their babies or act out tea parties and adventure scenes with family members. Soft dolls are also proven to produce happy hormones that help young children feel secure when leaving mom and dad for daycare or having a babysitter come by for date night! 

Hand Puppets & Finger Puppets

Hand puppets and finger puppets aren’t just fun. They’re one of the most effective ways for kiddos to develop fine motor skills like finger movement. As they learn how to maneuver the puppets, they’re also learning how hand-eye coordination functions in real-time. Puppets are also a great way to allow children to process their emotions, as they can act out difficult situations or challenges in a safe way. 

Felt Block Kits

These kits are perfect for ages 3+ as this is the age that kiddos begin to really get into the nitty-gritty of problem-solving, creating more freely. We carry felt block kits from a company called lowercase toys, which is women-owned and artisan-made right in the USA. The woman who started the company is a mom and Speech-Language Pathologist who knows firsthand what children need to develop and grow. After struggling to find developmentally appropriate toys, she took things into her own hands and started the company! It's stories and missions like this that we love to support.


Simply Inspired Will Always Provide What You Need to Help Your Little Loves Grow & Thrive

Every product on our site will note age suggestions that come from the manufacturer. But a good rule of thumb to decide which gifts to get the little ones in your life is to read this guide by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). This organization offers special accreditations for schools and preschools to ensure that they meet children’s developmental needs during the early years of life. So, they’re an incredible resource! 

Once you find what’s age-appropriate, browse our Pretend Play collection to find a wide selection of simple toys that promote appropriate development! Plus, you can also sign up for our emails to be the first to know about our new children’s toy product releases.

June 22, 2022 — Darlene Hancox