When many people think of organic baby products, they only think about the food or formula they consume. But in reality, organic means so much more! Products are organic if the farmers and manufacturers make it without pesticides filled with toxins, potent chemicals, harmful fertilizers, or anything artificial. Being a parent is hard enough without worrying about what your little one is putting on or in their growing bodies. For that reason, and many more, organic is better! 


Why Organic Products Are Better for Babies

So, why are they better? Well, when babies come into this world, they’re untouched by the elements. For them to grow in the most natural, protected, and healthy way, it’s so important to avoid chemicals and toxins that have the potential to make them sick or impact their growth in any way. 

Here are just a couple of the reasons it’s essential to shop organic for the little loves in your life: 

💛 Lessens Health Risks for Their Delicate, Growing Bodies
You’ve probably experienced a rash from a new cream or an itchy new sweater, right? Babies' skin is so much more sensitive than ours as adults. It’s more porous, so it soaks up everything you put on it or near it that much easier. So, if you’ve experienced this reaction as an adult, babies would experience it tenfold! For that reason, you want to nurture them with products that are as natural as possible to avoid irritation and unwanted side effects.

💛 Generates a Healthier Environment for Their Futures
Our children deserve to live on a thriving Earth, free from pollution. Organic products are manufactured in a far better way for the environment. Toxins and chemicals don’t end up in our soil or oceans, less energy and water are used, and it benefits animals and other beings that are so important to our ecosystems.


Our Simply Inspired Team’s Favorite Organic Baby Products

These organic baby products are some of our team’s favorites! 


Baby Aria - Organic Baby Doll

Not only is Baby Aria cute as a button, but she’s also award-winning! She has won gold in the Mom’s Choice Awards, an organization honoring excellence in family-friendly products. She comes from Sri Lanka, where she is made with love by artisans who are paid fair wages and work in a safe factory! Plus, her skin is OCS 100-Certified Organic Cotton, so not only are her cuddles extra soft, they’re safe, too. 


Certified Organic Cotton Muslin Baby Swaddle 2 Pack - Busy Bees

A soft swaddle can be a lifesaver for new parents. This extra-comforting wrap keeps babies feeling secure, calm, and held even from afar so mom and dad can get a few things done. These muslin swaddles come with a super sweet bee print for your tiny honeybee! They also come in a great gift box that makes a perfect gift for new parents.


Star Organic Natural Rubber Teether

Teething time can be rough for parents and little ones alike. So it’s important to have tools to help your sweet babe relieve some of the pain, keeping them comfortable even during this uncomfortable time of growth! This organic natural rubber teething toy is certified non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free. You don’t want your little one putting toxins in their mouth, so this is a perfect solution!


Faux Fur Bear Sherpa Ear Flap Hat

This bear-y cute hat is the perfect addition to any chilly seasonal outfit. You may even be jealous, as it’s made with luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton and a sherpa-like fluff that’s softer than anything you’ve ever felt before. We also have a stroller blanket and snuggly lovey toy to complete this cozy collection.

With these products, you can ensure the little loves in your life are the healthiest and strongest versions of themselves!


Shop Organic Baby Products with Simply Inspired, Year-Round

At Simply Inspired, you can count on us to have organic baby products and gifts for the littlest loves in your life year-round. We want to help families grow, making it easy to keep their precious babes safe as they learn about this big, beautiful world. Of course, you can always find the full collection here

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May 11, 2022 — Darlene Hancox