Theo The Raven Glove Hand Puppet from Haba


Theo the Raven Hand Puppet can't wait to start entertaining.

Why, because he is hungry. You see, Theo puppet really "eats" (pretend) food.

Yes, he does, he really does.

Theo comes with a pair of fabric cherries that your little one can actually feed him. He actually does swallow them, so your small child can enjoy feeding him... over, and over, and over again.

His beak is controlled from inside the puppet, so you can make him "talk", and even eat and pretend to swallow. The food he swallows drops back into your hand, so you can provide a stream of cherries to feed him that will entertain your little one until.. well, forever. 

Bonus idea!; older kiddiess can have fun drawing and coloring all kinds of pretend food to feed him, and seeing if he likes it.

  • Like, "do you like carrots? no? I do!"
  • or "do you like tomatoes? no? I do!"
  • or "do you like mashed potato ice cream? Ugh, me neither. Yuck."

Then when they are done playing, they can save the "food", to use again tomorrow (maybe he will have changed his mind about the potato ice cream).

Safe for 18 months and older

About 10.5" tall

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About The Company

Haba is a German toy company that has been making the highest quality children’s toys for more than 72 years. 

All their wooden toys that are manufactured in Germany are made from reforested timbers. They use safe, non-toxic, water-based lacquers on their products, not paints, and they use recycled corrugated cardboard in packaging.  

Their design intentions are simple, and provide value + quality. They have a uniquely playful design that uses characters and colors that, for the most part, are non-gender specific.  All of products are designed to grow with the child to ensure many years of family enjoyment.

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