Snowflake Cardinal Ornament


Everyone loves Cardinals, especially at Christmas.

The gorgeous red wool felt on this Snowflake Cardinal, is beautifully enhanced by the  expertly sewn embroidery details in white. These details are carefully crafted by experienced Artisans in Nepal, who are paid Fair Wages for their work. 

This ornament is extra special, because it's not only about sweetly adorning your tree, or providing you a delightful gift to give. By buying Fair Trade items made in developing countries, you are helping a family there to provide a better life for their entire household. You are also empowering the women that do the sewing; since there are very few jobs available for women in Nepal, this newly available chance to create income gives them new status in their family, and in their community.

Size: 3.5"h x 4.5"w, + generous string hanger!

You CAN make a difference in the world, just buying goods intentionally. 

Only 100% natural untreated wool and non-toxic dyes are used to make these ornaments.

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