Pirate Island Eco-Friendly Playset

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Shiver me timbers! Treasured pretend play with the Pirate Island Eco-Friendly Playset ahead!

Ahoy, maties! When your little pirate receives their Pirate Island Eco-Friendly Playset, they'll be ready to batten down the hatches for hours, immersing themselves in a magical land they design with their own imagination. 

This zero-waste, lightweight playset is specially crafted so that all the pieces can be connected in different ways. So each and every time your little lad or lassie gets their hands on this treasure, they'll be able to create and build an entirely new scene.

What they don't realize is that while they're having fun mixing things up, they'll also be learning key skills like fine motor skills, problem-solving, and construction. 

Particularly perfect for ages 4-10 and great for travel! The simple flatpack packaging is plastic-free and easy to put together and store any time you want to take the adventure on the road.

Pirate Island Eco-Friendly Playset Includes:

  • Three (3) pirates 
  • One (1) pirate ship
  • One (1) treasure chest (with treasure, of course)
  • One (1) trusty parrot buddy
  • Plus, a loot of accessories!

PlayPress ethically manufactures its eco-conscious play sets with compostable material and a zero-waste model. They make the material with wood pulp sourced from sustainably-managed forests! How neat is that?

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