Pewter Mini Yoga Dog Set of 3


What a sweet gift for anyone that loves Dogs

These sweet puppies meditating and doing Yoga, is just the cutest thing!

They are a set of 3 figures as shown, and also included is the Royal Blue drawstring pouch that you see. The dog figures are made of Fine Pewter, and are 100% cast and finished in Canada. 

Sometimes, maybe you feel you need to stretch and relax... but darn, you are at work. Take these little guys out and spend a couple minutes watching them... they will chill you right out. Their pure relaxed peacefulness is very soothing!

Let these little friends make your day a little calmer, or gift to a friend that will just love them. 

Remember, pewter does not tarnish like silver and is super-strong and durable.

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Made in Canada

Sustainable Living