Pewter Mini Elves in a Bag

$8.95 $17.95

What a great gift for anyone that loves little Elves!

This set of 3 pewter "just-hangin'-out" Elves is just so cute!

They are a set of 3 figures as shown, and also included is this bright Red drawstring pouch that you see. The gnome figures are made of Fine Pewter, and are 100% cast and finished in Canada. 

Feeling under pressure, with too much to do? Take these little guys out and spend a couple minutes watching them... they will calm you right down. Their pure, relaxed cuteness is very soothing! Let me tell you... elves have SO MUCH to do at Christmas time, but they never get too pressured! 

Let these little elf friends make your day a little more calm, or gift to a friend that just loves Elves, and think they have seen them all. 

Remember, pewter does not tarnish like silver and is super-strong and durable.

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Made in Canada

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