Pewter Grateful Thankful Blessed Decoration

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Word Decor to remind yourself... !

This serene, free-standing artwork prompts you (and others), to think about the world of plenty we live in. We turn a faucet and get hot or cold fresh water. A machine cleans our clothes in minutes. We have so much, in this country, even if we are not rich. The secret of happiness is not to forget that...

The word decor is actually hand-made from lead-free pewter, and stands solidly on smoothly polished feet that won't damage furniture. Why pewter? Because it is BEAUTIFUL, and super durable, with a soft matte patina, and does not tarnish or degrade like other metals! 

  • Measures approx. 3" tall and 4.25" wide.
  • Hand Made in Canada 
  • Beautifully boxed for gift giving
  • Lightweight (less than 6 ounces) + easy to mail to a friend! 

Remember, pewter does not tarnish like silver and is super-strong and durable!

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Made in Canada

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