Organic Dog Plush Toy


This Organic Plush Doggy is So Delightful!

Your baby will delight in snuggling with this baby-safe, certified organic cotton Doggy Pal from Sigikid. This delightful animal friend wants to stay by baby's side day and night, and is ideal for babies with sensitive skin.

The bright red color, and black and white striped pattern, will engage baby's attention at an early age. The softness of these natural fabrics will make it a favorite that's asked for again and again. Organic baby toys are always the best choice, and this Doggy has enough cuteness to last a lifetime! 

  • Material: certified, organically cultivated cotton.
  • Wadding: organic lamb's wool.
  • Size: 12-1/2" tall.
  • Recommended age is 0-36 months.

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    About The Company

    Even though the Sigikid brand is only just over 50 years young, it is firmly rooted in the company’s 150-year history of commitment to the future.

    The Sigikid approach is to think globally and sustainably, and act consciously.

    They want everyone in their company to be a member of the family, to share their enthusiasm, philosophy and vision of the future.  They provide employees with a working environment, where they feel comfortable and have the freedom to see their talents truly unfold.

    All products are conceived and designed in Germany, and manufactured with love throughout the worldThey are committed to conserving resources and engage in long-term partnerships to achieve these aims.

    Some production plants are located in countries that have a standard of living well below that of Western countries. Their production orders secure the income of many families in these countries, and with their SIGISAFE system they ensure production takes place in a fair and safe environment.

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    Sustainable Living

    Women Owned