Ollie and Georgie the Giraffes - Needle-Felted Sculptures - Artisan Made Fair Trade

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Meet Ollie & Georgie: Our favorite loveable giraffes & needle-felted sculptures!

These needle-felted sculptures are organic merino wool and one-of-a-kind masterpieces! 

Ollie & Georgie are crafted from 100% local and organic merino wool in northern Rwanda. So, they've traveled all the way from Africa to watch over your home (they can see everything with those long necks)!

The artisans dye the wool using organic plant matter. Therefore, there are no toxins in sight to create their beautiful heart pattern! Plus, each tuft of wool they use is from their own flocks of sheep! The sweet sheep receive 24-hour care, so they are healthy and continue producing the best wool.

Ollie & Georgie are handmade by young deaf women in Rwanda. Being able to create these needle-felted sculptures provides dignified, purposeful employment for them. As they receive above fair trade wages for their skilled work, they can provide for their families! 

Product Details:

  • Georgie: Approximately 5" long & wide x 11" tall!
  • Ollie: Approximately  5" long x 3.5" wide x 18" tall!
  • 100% organic merino wool
  • A hefty, solid sculpture!
  • Not intended to be a toy

Handspun Hope is a sustainable fashion brand that sources ethical materials and aims for a minimal environmental impact with their manufacturing processes. 

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