Needle Felted Farm Friends Finger Puppet Set


Hurrah, our new Felted Wool Finger Puppet Set is here!

This finger puppet set includes four needle-felted friends! They will help you entertain your young child, with a heartfelt talk about farm animals. Make up your own stories about this group of solid friends, and your toddler will be mesmerized by the different adventures they have. 

And they will still play with these puppets as they get older, too! Toddlers love re-telling stories they have heard, back to themselves! And these 4 little felt guys will be solid, beloved characters by then.

What's the difference between felted and needle-felted?

The difference in these versus the standard farm animal set is that these puppets are more "3-D" instead of flat, so there is more detail and "character" to them. In 3-D there are interesting details like thick horns, curly wool, and more realistic arms, tails, and legs.  

The puppets are made of only natural, untreated wool and thread, and have no chemicals or harmful products on them. Hand stitched with threads featuring vegetable dyes only!

Product Details:

  • Approximately 3.5" to 4" tall
  • This set includes a needle-felted Piggy, Donkey, Sheep and Cow!

Sweet - Safe - and Simply Adorable!

Our Nepali artisan partners hand stitch every puppet with love and gratitude. When you purchase these adorable little farm critters to delight your child, you're also doing good in the world!

This set of finger puppets is adorable and sturdy, yes - but the reason we love them the most is that they are happy, go-lucky agents for change!

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