Mrs Cat Loves Knitting Felt Craft Kit from Corinne LaPierre


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Make  the Mrs. Cat loves knitting felt kit for a friend, or for yourself.

Or, gift the kit to someone that you think would love to learn a new craft. 

This kit will appeal to crafters of all abilities, as well as someone who is looking for an imaginative gift to make and give. These traditional folk designs are so pleasing to the eye, and have a unique, timeless appeal.

Everything you need is in this box, the only item not included here are scissors. This kit includes a comprehensive stitch guide, too.

Finished size is about 5.9" tall x 4.5" wide.  

Full scale templates and instructions are very clear and the stitch guide is included, for extra support. The top quality wool-mix (45% wool, 55% viscose) felt is extremely soft, wonderful to use and its warm colors will bring the projects to life.

Please note that only products to make Mrs. Cat are included, other items pictures are not part of kit. 

OK now, let's pick up some scissors and get started!

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