Mini Tangrams Felt Blocks - Artisan Made in USA


Lowercase toys MINI Tangrams sets....  engineered to support the brain-work of childhood!

Tangrams is a classic for a reason our brains like to sort out disorder, and put it in order. Tangrams scratches that itch!

This Mini sized felt block version of tangrams is perfect for kids 4 and up, that just love puzzles. 

The set includes:

All 7 necessary felt blocks to make all shapes on the pattern guide; 2 large triangles, 1 medium triangle, 2 small triangles, 1 square, and 1 parallelogram.  

The pattern guide includes 18 patterns to make! (9 easy, 9 hard). This is designed so that a child can be playing with an adult or a sibling, each using different levels of difficulty! And, the difficulty can grow with the child in time!

The felt blocks are thick and sturdy, and hold up super-well over time. (The thin, floppy craft felt sheets you may be familiar with, are not related to this crowd!) Made entirely in the USA using only recycled materials, these gorgeously tactile pieces beg to be handled - they actually look + feel that good!

Conscious of their environmental impact, lowercase uses felt that has been manufactured from recycled water bottles! And, they have eliminated first- and single-use plastic from their products and packaging, too. Working towards zero-waste production methods, lowercase donates felt off-cuts and non-producible scraps to maker spaces at local middle schools. 

Recommended for ages 4+; the smaller pieces makes it suitable for ages over 3 only .

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