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About The Artisans and the Elephants

In accordance with the Fair Trade Principles, Mr. Ellie Pooh provides sustainable papermaking and artisan jobs in the Kegalle district of Sri Lanka.  These jobs help build support of the local communities and are essential to the success of our conservation efforts.

Most of our workers live local to the factory and can conveniently walk to work.  Artisans have the freedom of expressing their creativity while earning an income. All of paper products are made up of 30% fiber from elephant dung and 70% recycled paper. No trees or toxic chemicals are used in our paper making process.

This unique method of papermaking directly contributes to the local economy. We train villagers to make our paper and hire artisans to create our products. We educate them to live among (and respect) the elephant in an area where humans and elephants often conflict. In this way elephants can be viewed as an economic asset, rather than a liability.


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