Haute Cocoa Dark Chocolate Body Gift

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Indulge in a Chocolate Dream!

A special gift for the chocoholic in your life…or yourself! This amazing Haute Cocoa Gift Set features a sample-sized collection of Waxing Kara's rich, dark chocolate line. Mmmmmmm...

Enjoy this indulgent, cocoa-covered spa experience in your home, any time. Made with blends of pure cocoa, plant oils, and honey that provide the skin with sweet relief for dryness, fine lines, and uneven textures.

Made from natural, food-grade ingredients that would not be possible without the pollinating efforts of honeybees. THANK YOU, BEES!!!

Each Haute Cocoa 4-piece Body Gift contains:

  • One 1-oz Haute Cocoa Mask, made with coconut milk, cocoa, and blueberry extracts that tone skin 

  • One 1.7-oz Haute Cocoa Body Butter, a rich formulation that softens even  dry, dull skin

  • A 2-oz Haute Cocoa Body Scrub, formulated with honey crystals, plant oils, and cocoa that polish away dry skin

  • And a Haute Cocoa Soy Candle that fills the air with a rich dark chocolate fragrance (and OMG it is amazing, promise!)

    These sustainably hand crafted and incredible beauty products are made in small batches on the East Coast, USA.  They use natural ingredients that would not exist without bees and promote a socially conscious message focused on the importance of bees. They draw inspiration from nature’s bounty and the understanding that putting healthful things into and onto your body makes you feel healthy and beautiful - because you are. 

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