Handwoven African Large Silver Blue Basket

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    Each basket tells a story,

 of the Rwandan women who have intricately handcrafted these baskets from sweet grass and the leaves of the agave sisal plant.

Rwandan women owe their skills to the women before them who passed on the knowledge from generation to generation—mother to daughter, grandmother to child.

Each piece is unique, culturally and traditionally inspired, and handwoven in intimate Rwandan communities.

This 12" basket can be used as a fruit bowl or center piece on your table. Meaningfully and purposefully designed, each basket has a woven loop that allows you to hang it up on the wall as a decorative piece.

  • Approximately 12" D x 3.5” H
  • Organic dyes
  • Safe to use with food

Care instructions: If necessary, use damp cloth to wipe the basket clean. Do not submerge or wash with water.

Design - Hope:  The sunburst pattern on these baskets is known as the “hope” design. Reflected on the Rwandan flag, this sunburst image stands for the country’s collective hope for a new dawn and brighter future.

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About The Artisans

When you purchase and enjoy Kazi handcrafted goods, you are creating opportunities for men and women across Africa to thrive. They use their weaving skills, handed down for generations, to gratefully attain income that they are proud of earning.  

The founders created KAZI to connect compassionate consumers with beautifully handcrafted products that are not only lovely and useful, but they also change the lives of the artisans that make them.

Their business model reaches deep into rural villages in the developing world and provides training and fair wage jobs that restore dignity and promote self-sufficiency.

Alleviating poverty across rural Africa isn’t a dream. It’s a passion.

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