Handmade Santa Key Pewter Christmas Ornament

$4.25 $16.95

Finally, a great answer to your children's question.... before it is even asked!

"...but how does Santa get down our chimney"? Or, the equally perplexing, "...so how does Santa get in our house?"

With a magical Santa Key, it makes more "sense" to young children, who are small enough to believe in magic with all their hearts.

The magic key is made of solid pewter, with a long red tassel.  The key itself measures 4.25" tall and 1.25" wide, and comes in a thick, keepsake linen drawstring pouch. 

Choose to hang it on your front door knob, or even on the tree itself... (after all, Santa is a pretty magical elf) and it helps the little believers, to Believe. 

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Artisan Made

Made in the USA