Handmade Happy Hour Wine Pen w/ Wood Case

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The perfect gift for the Wine enthusiast in your life!

A sincere "Wow, this is AWESOME!", will be the reaction to your gifting this Pen - along with a HUGE slow, spreading smile!  Doesn't just everyone want that reaction to their gifting thoughtfulness?

This handmade "Happy Hour" Merlot Pen is crafted and textured with home-grown, organic, hand-ground, dried and crushed grapes!  This organic mix is used for the outside of the pen, to make it noteworthy, totally unique, and ever so beautiful.  The Maker sources the actual metal working part of the pen carefully. It is a quality instrument, and writes smoothly and feels wonderful in the hand. 

The solid wood pen case comes with the pen!

Throughout the growing season she cuts flowers and botanicals from her garden and dries them. Once the pen is completed, you are actually seeing and feeling the actual plants harvested from her garden! 

Each pen takes a refillable Cross-style cartridge (one is included).

A beautiful, superb quality, wooden gift box comes with the pen, to make your gifting even more outstanding!

Pen measures 5- 3/16” x 1/3”


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Artisan Made


Made in the USA


Sustainable Living

Women Owned