Handmade Felted Wool Planter/Organizer Bowls (Set of 3)

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Aren't these Wool Pots just so awesome? 

As we show here, these handsome felted woolen containers can easily be used for potted plants (of 4 inch in diameter or less). Or, use this sweet container as a natural countertop bowl to store things in... almost anything! Use in your baby or child's room to hold small supplies - in your bathroom, to organize - or even on your work desk, to hold all of those small supplies. Even great for sewing supplies!

They are sturdy, dense wool and will have so many uses! And you will love looking at their beautiful, comforting colors.

Excellent to pair with our handmade Macramé plant holders, too!

These handmade planters are made by skilled artisans working in a fair trade work center in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Size: Approximately 4 to 5" tall x 4 to 5" in diameter.

Excess water may wick through the natural woolen fibers, so you may want to place a small dish inside (or outside), just in case, depending on where it is sitting. However, wool naturally breathes, and will self-dry unless overwatered, as the felt used is very dense and thick! 

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