Handmade Artisan Crafted Solid Copper Cuff - Thin

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This solid Copper Cuff is wearable metal art.

Exclusively created out of recycled metal, these eco-friendly copper Cuff Bracelets are each one-of-a kind!

Measurements: this THIN cuff is 6.25" around, PLUS a 1" opening; the bracelet is 1/4" tall all the way around.

Amazingly, the Bracelet's materials begin their life as copper water pipes, electrical wiring, ceiling tiles, roofing, downspouts and gutters. Artisans transform these materials into wearable works of art.

These artists have made it their mission to re-use these materials to their highest form. Purity of the metals are assured by federal regulation of the original source. 

The cuff bracelets double nicely to offer copper therapy – and they're not your run of the mill wire wrap or machine-stamped bracelets, to be sure. They are BUILT, piece by piece, by an Artisan knowledgeable in these materials. 

Handmade in the USA

About The Makers:

The joy of metal-smithing as art is an ongoing journey. These artists exclusively work in recycled metals, and each piece is based on a strong blend of traditional and modern techniques. They are also devoted to bringing back ancient techniques and handcrafting methods once thought lost.

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