Handcrafted Tygart River White Handled Bowl w/Star

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Tygart River Handled Star Bowl by Kay Harward

This bowl has no limits as to how it can fit in your house. It can artfully hold fruit. Or it can grace your dinner table with casual confidence, handling anything from salad to chili and everything in between. It holds its own as a decor piece, too! 

Inside of the bowl has a hand-drawn Star pattern in Charcoal and Poppy Red, with a background of neutral Cream tones. All over the bowl are shades of the neutral creme with bits and splashes of orange and tan mixed in. 

  • these bowls run approx 8.5" in diameter, and 3" to 4" deep.
  • the width is 10" on the sides including the handles
  • side handles are thick, and sturdy.

Signed by the Artisan.

Accomplished potter Kate Harward began her exploration of clay as an elective at Federal city College in Washington DC in 1968. 50+ years later she finds clay as vibrant, intriguing, and demanding as she did in that school studio.

Kate works in both stoneware and porcelain clays, firing to around 2350 degrees in a reduction atmosphere. Her work is found in various galleries and shops across the country. 

All of her pieces are food safe and can go in a dishwasher or microwave.

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