Handcrafted Tygart River Pitcher

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Tygart River Pitchers by Kay Harward


Both of these handcrafted pitchers are approx 8" tall with a substantial pouring orifice.

#1 - Swirls vase: with a 4" diameter base, it stands just under 8-1/2" tall. Semi-fluted pour spout. Main color is a neutral, soft natural tan color, with burnt-orange accents. Both front and back are slight variations on the swirls theme. Overall a neutral but notable and distinctive table piece! (See 1st picture)

#2 - Eclectic vase: with a 4.5" diameter base, it stands just under 8" tall. Contemporary smooth elongated. spout. Random small spots and architectural elements decorate this vase on both sides, in soft greens, oranges and beige. Unique and totally gorgeous! (See pictures 2 & 3)

Accomplished Potter Kate Harward began her exploration of clay as an elective at Federal city College in Washington DC in 1968. 50+ years later she finds clay as vibrant, intriguing, and demanding as she did in that school studio.

Kate works in both stoneware and porcelain clays, firing to around 2350 degrees in a reduction atmosphere. Her work is found in various galleries and shops across the country. 

All of her pieces are food safe and can go in a dishwasher or microwave.

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