Fortune Cat Coin Purse (Assorted)


What will your fortune be? Carry one of these fortune purses and find out!

Japanese Fortune cats adorn these super-soft and adorable, 3 dimensional kiss-lock coin purses, beckoning to wealth, fortune and happiness, with their symbolism.

They may carry with them a Fan, a Koi fish, a Parcel (of money?), a Gourd, a Japanese coin.... whatever they carry, they are carrying Good Fortune to you!. 

You receive a random purse each time. Because, of course, you cannot pick your own fortune! Fortune-ately, every single one of them are totally adorable!

Approximately 2.75" x 3"

Not for children under 5.

Made in China.

These purses are assorted colors and symbols, but will all be substantially like the ones you see! Order one and see where your fortune leads....

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