Felted Wool Mouse Family- 4pc

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This sweet Mouse Family of Four is lovingly hand-crafted in Nepal.

This little family wears hand-knitted sweaters, to keep them snug and warm! 
Their movable arms and legs enable them to be so expressive, and they are so fun to play with!

The mice are made with 100% natural wool and non-toxic, biodegradable dyes. They make sweet toys to stimulate the imagination of a child at any age!

Mum and Dad mouse measure approximately 14cm in height (5 1/2"), while the little ones are approximately 12cm tall (4 3/4").

Suited for 3 years and older

These wool felted Toys are all hand made under Fair Trade conditions in Nepal. The Felt is made from pure 100% wool sourced from Australia and New Zealand. Wool is naturally water repellent, and if spills are dealt with immediately the wool is easy to clean.  

All dyes are non-toxic and products are carefully designed to create a responsible and happy play and learning experience.

These hand-crafted felted wool toys are geared to expand a child’s imagination, develop role play and encourage interaction with others while playing games. 

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Fair Trade

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