Felted Wool Gnome Family- 4pc

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Each one of these gentle gnomes is lovingly hand made by artisans in Nepal!

They are made with 100% natural wool products (no chemicals!)and non-toxic, biodegradable dyes. They make perfect toys to spark the imagination of a child at any age! They are a wonderful addition to a fairy house or any play area, with their magnificent detailing.

Each one is a unique character, fun to name and play with! Give them their own personality! What are they known for - being funny, having great ideas, or being the best friend ever? Which one is your favorite?

Each gnome is approximately 5.5" tall and 2" wide!

Suited for 3 years and older

The gnomes are designed in Australia and made under fair-trade conditions in Nepal. Due to the handmade nature of this item, each set can slightly vary in colours and tiny details.

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