Family Dog Felted Wool Ornament - Handcrafted + Fair Trade


This heart-full, sweet Family Dog is the representation of all rescue dogs! 

A little mix of this and that, rescue dogs come in unlimited shapes and colors. Sometimes they come to you with fears, or attitudes, from a hard start in life. But no one is as forgiving as an adopted dog. They are the best "breed" of all.

I didn't name this dog, because (s)he is every dog. Your dog. 

She is sweet and happy. She is a puppy, or even an old, wizened dog with a grey muzzle. But looks don't matter. She loves you with all her heart...

DIMENSIONS - 3" tall x 5" long, not including string hanger!

Your purchase of these decorations gives much-needed work to  the women that sew them for us in Nepal, and the fair-wage income that they receive helps them lift up their family's standard of living!

Skilled artisans in Nepal, almost all women, use 100% natural wool (no chemicals!) and non-toxic dyes, and create this keepsake set completely by hand. They work with love and gratitude, as skilled jobs for women are hard to come by in Nepal. They are paid with Fair Trade standard wages, and so are able, with this work, to help give their families a better life. Truly, a gift that keeps giving!

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