Dog Design Cosmetic Bag

$11.95 $23.95

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs!

Adorable. Useful. Light yet Sturdy. Perfect.

This beautiful and very useful lined zipper bag has all the dogs you never knew you could carry with you, each and every day.

Do you have a dog lover friend? This is the perfect gift. Even if they don't carry cosmetics with them every day, there are other perfect uses for such an sweet accessory; keys, glasses, pens, cell phone, mints or candy... and lots more. 

Stick a chewy toy or bone inside and you will have a gift for both your friend and her beloved dog!

The bag is large (9.5" long x 6" high) yet thin and flexible, and will fit in most purses if desired. It is of course able to stand on its own also, as a carry pouch, and It is lined in a soft black waterproof fabric, with a black top edge and zipper. 

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