Daruma Fortune Cat Bank


What happens when you cross a fortune cat with a daruma?

You get this little cute figurine, with a Daruma body and a smiling Fortune cat face!

But what does this unlikely combination signify?

The Daruma has a multifaceted and mysterious origin and meaning, and is deeply rooted in Japanese life. In a nutshell, the Daruma may represent one of the most important aspects of Zen Buddhism with its relation to patience, perseverance, and sacrifice.

Combine the two and you might get something like - perseverance and good fortune. The two attributes go well together, hmmm?

Especially, in this adorable smiling figure that eternally will urge you to persevere, and enjoy your good fortune that will follow.

Small coin slot on the back of figurine.

Mat pillow included.

  • 3.75" h.
  • Wipe clean.
  • Ceramic.
  • Made in Japan.


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