Cork Silver Wave Bracelet

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This Cork Bracelet with Silver Wave Pattern, is so BEAUTIFUL!

It's Waterproof, and it uses Sustainable Materials, too! 

Do you love the lake, or boating? Or the beach? Or, do you ride the waves?

 Or, do you need a gift for someone that just loves the water?

I am so excited to offer you this high-quality cork magnetic bracelet! 

Why? It's totally beautiful! It's very comfortable, even soft, to wear. Literally, it could not be any easier, to get on and off! The super-strong magnet opens easily, and almost "finds itself" when you want to put it on. It's made of super-durable cork (and metal), so it will stay beautiful for a long time.

The bracelet is finished with a sturdy magnetic clasp, super easy to put on and take off, without help. All the metal components are hypoallergenic, made from a zinc alloy and electroplated with 99.9% sterling silver, copper and bronze. It is lead and nickel free.

    Why Choose Cork?

    A great leather alternative, cork is a 100% sustainable, green product. Cork is harvested from the bark of trees in the Mediterranean. The cork is stripped from the trees every 9-12 years, with no damage to the tree itself! The tree continues to live and regrow the cork layer.  

    The benefits of cork are many - but some highlights are:

    • Waterproof, durable, and soft to the skin like leather
    • Vegan - NO animals have been harmed or used
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Eco Friendly, Renewable Product - Good for the Earth!
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    Made in the USA

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