Classic Cork Bracelet With Etched Leaves

$20.00 $29.95

This Magnetic-Closure Cork Bracelet is unique and fun!

This Classic bracelet has two strands of Portuguese cork, and securely fastens around the wrist with a magnetic nickel-free clasp! It's soooo easy to put on and take off!

It just "clicks on" and fastens securely!

We dye one of the strands of cork, to make the bracelet POP, and leave the other strand the natural color of cork.

We also add an antique silver Etched Leaves design accent. Conceived and Handcrafted right in our Vermont Studio, this bracelet is proof that comfortable and stylish jewelry can be ethical, too.

Available in two sizes - measure your wrist to find the perfect size!

XS - fits up to about a 6 inch wrist

S - fits up to about a 6 1/2 inch wrist

If you are purchasing as a gift you can use this general rule - XS for most teenagers and fine-boned adults;  Medium fits almost everyone else, (except for what will usually be called a Large size, which is more than the 6 1/2" wrist.) 

Cork is smooth, flexible, and lightweight, making it especially comfortable to wear every day.

The cork we use is sustainably sourced from Portugal and is a great eco-friendly jewelry material, as it shares many of the qualities of leather, including durability and flexibility - but isn't leather (no animals were used). Our antique silver is lead and nickel-free, and made in Europe.


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