Cardinal Felted Wool Holiday Bag


This Exclusively-Ours Felted Wool Cardinal Bag, is the ultimate Wintertime Gift!

The sturdy zippered bag is a unique and appreciated gift!

  • Bag measures 8.5" long and 4.5" tall

This Felted Wool Zipper Bag is sturdy and beautiful! Made to our specifications by Women Artisans in Nepal, they are lined in black cotton and completely hand made, as well as eco-friendly! 

The community of Nepalese women gather together to make each bag with careful attention to quality and craftswoman-ship. They are paid by Fair Wage Standards, and thereby contribute to their family's income, earning their families a better life, and earning themselves more status in their community. 

Every bag is made with love, and gratitude, and empowers our Sisters across the world to obtain a better life. 

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Made in the USA

Women Owned