Busy Bee Sandwich Wrap

$6.00 $15.95

Bee the talk of the lunch room with this cute sandwich wrap.

These adorable sandwich wraps are handmade by a group of talented women in sunny Cornwall, England. Yes, they really are!

Avoid single use-plastics! Instead, carry a distinctively wrapped sandwich, to let everyone know you CARE about the planet, and its Bees!

Thanks to a strategically-place velcro strip, this wrap is easy to use and secure!

Our wraps are a perfect size for wrapping up your sandwiches and keeping them safe in your lunch bag. They can easily be folded up once the contents have been enjoyed, and stored in a pocket for easy take-home.

Each product features original Bee designs on the canvas outside, with a wipe-clean waterproof silver lining.

  • Size of open wrap  Approx 11" x 11" (approx 5.5" x 5.5" when closed)
  • Material Outer made from uniquely designed printed canvas fabric. Wipe clean, food safe lining.
  • Design detail - Closes with velcro.

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