Bee Cause Honey

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Your purchase of this bee cause honey supports the future of our honey bees!

Here's how - your Bee Cause Honey purchase directly helps fund the installation of observation hives in schools across America. Savanna Bee Company donates $3 for every 12 oz. jar sold, and $1 from every 3 oz jar sold, directly to The Bee Cause Project.

Not only will you get a delicious honey but also the good feeling that you have directly helped educate our next generation to understand, love and protect honeybees. Sweet.

The "Bee Cause" Honey variety changes based on honey's seasonality and availability.

  • Tasting Notes: Robust flavor, that varies with the season.
  • Region: USA and Uruguay
  • Pairings: Substitute for sugar when cooking - and great for cooking on the grill.

Purchase, then pat yourself on the back - for a job well done, in helping to spread the honeybee love to the next generation.

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