Alpaca Wool Stuffed Animal - Lion

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 Let your heart ROAR for this 12" tall Proud Alpaca Lion.

Who can resist those bright eyes, adorable face, sumptuous mane, and bushy tail? Especially, when the material used in his plush fur is 100% Baby Alpaca.

Think - oh, so super-soft.......

Handcrafted by fair trade Peruvian artisans using one of the world’s finest materials, these cuddly creatures are made from hypoallergenic, 100% natural baby alpaca. You can snuggle up with the king of the jungle at home, yourself - or give it as a wonderful gift, so your loved one can enjoy one of the most luxuriously soft things on the planet.

Please note: Colors may vary slightly, see photos.

Also take note: These items have not been safety tested for children, therefore we are not recommending these to be purchased for children.

MATERIAL - 100% Baby Alpaca
CARE - Spot wash with mild detergent


A natural, hypoallergenic & sustainable material coming from the yearly shearing of the eco-friendly Alpaca. The spun fibers are skillfully loomed into lustrous garments - and in this case, lions! Eco-friendly packaging is used whenever possible, including biodegradable bags.

Alpaca wool has a naturally insulating core, keeping you warm without weighing you down! And there are MANY more benefits of choosing Alpaca Wool over traditional Sheep's Wool. Some of the benefits; It takes color easily, so there are no toxic chemicals or processes needed to prepare the wool for dying. Also, Alpaca wool has no lanolin in it, which some people find irritating to their skin. Alpaca wool is super-soft, whereas sheep's wool can be scratchy. Alpacas are easy on the Earth, too - they belong to the Camel family, and they drink less water, so they are our eco-friendly buddies! Another interesting thing about Alpacas is they have TOES, not Hoofs, so they do less damage to the land they graze upon!

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