Alpaca Wool Stuffed Animal - Alpaca

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Let your heart MELT for this adorable, 12" tall  Alpaca sweetheart!

Who can resist those sweet eyes, adorable face, and ~WOW~super silky, bury-your-face-in-it "fur".

Remember, though, it's not fur - it's made from the natural yearly shear of the alpaca's outer coat, which is then either spun into yarn for clothing or made into sweet soft friends like these. As for the Alpacas, they just enjoy their haircuts during the hot weather, and grow a new coat for warmth for the next winter.

Think, oh, so super-impossibly-soft.......

Handcrafted by fair trade Peruvian artisans using one of the world’s softest and finest materials, these cuddly stuffies are made from hypoallergenic, 100% natural "baby" alpaca (which means the first shear). You can snuggle up with one of these sweet things, yourself - or give it as a wonderful gift, so your loved one can enjoy one of the most luxuriously soft things on the planet.

MATERIAL - 100% Baby Alpaca
CARE - Spot wash with mild detergent


Alpaca wool has a naturally insulating core, keeping you warm without weighing you down! And, its soft as a feather! The animals are not hurt in any way as they would need to be shorn whether the wool is used or not.

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Fair Trade

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