Alpaca Liviano Scarf - Spiced Apple

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This gorgeous Alpaca Wool & Pima Cotton Scarf is so Soothing & Mellow!

It is a beautiful "Spiced Apple" autumn blend of Eggplant, earthy Orange and Green, combined with a tweedy chevron weave. Pair it with a tee shirt and jeans, or give your fall coat a relaxed blast of muted color.

The scarf is made of a blend of light gauge baby alpaca fiber and premium pima cotton, which is a particularly amazing combination! The Pima cotton is from the Peruvian Highlands, known for its long silky fibers that are baby soft, durable and wrinkle-resistant!

Material - 60% Alpaca, 30% Pima Cotton, and 10% Nylon 

ONE SIZE - 14" x 76"
DRY CLEAN - only

Alpaca wool has a naturally insulating core, keeping you warm without weighing you down! And there are MANY more benefits of choosing Alpaca Wool over traditional Sheep's Wool. Such as: It takes color easily, so there are no toxic processes needed to prepare the wool for dying. Also, Alpaca wool has no lanolin in it, which some people find irritating to their skin. Alpaca wool is super-soft, whereas sheep's wool can be scratchy. Alpacas belong to the Camel family, and they drink less water, so they are our eco-friendly buddies! Another interesting thing about Alpacas is they have TOES, not Hoofs, so they do less damage to the land they graze upon! (And they are so cute, that never hurts!)

We can assure you these Alpacas are never harmed by their annual shearing, and the animals are valued and carefully cared for by their owners in South America. The weaving also is done by skilled Ecuadorian artisans. Fair Wages are earned by the weavers, positively affecting their whole family. Their weaving skills have been passed down from their elders, for generation upon generation, and your purchase enables that tradition to continue.

(One more thing... "Baby Alpaca Wool" means the "first shear", or the highest quality - not the wool from a baby.)

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