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Les Zazous - The Cutest Little stuffed animal dolls EVER! Their multi-textured bodies and sweet faces completely capture your heart. Plus they each come with their own little cylindrical boxes, designed just for them. 

This is "Elephant", who has beautiful Grey and Brown fur with Red, Pink and White Polka Dots on Ears and Tummy.
He is completely dotty, but always remembers everyone's birthdays and favorite colors, too.
A good friend to have. 
  • 13 inches tall
  • Ages 0+
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Lion Doll - Les Zazous
This is "LION", who is Apricot and Tan in color, and oddly enough for a Lion, is VERY shy.  The photographer caught him sleeping in an unusual spot, and he is SOOOO embarrassed, he hid and refused any more pictures. So when you get him, please tell him how remarkably brave-looking and fierce he is, and he will feel so much better!
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Mouse Doll - Les Zazous
This is "Mouse", who is pistachio in color and no matter what you've heard about mouses, think again! This one is very brave and will stick up for and defend a friend, no matter what. 

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Koala Doll - Les Zazous
This is "Koala", who has amazingly beautiful Deep Turquoise fur with Turquoise and Lime Polka Dotted Tummy, and Turquoise Striped Arms and Legs.
He is completely dotty, of course, and likes mostly just to eat and sleep.
Koala needs a child in his life to teach him how to play!
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