The holiday season is one of our favorites at Simply Inspired. There's something oh so special about a time that centers on giving! But one thing we've noticed in our family is that it's easy to forget about stocking stuffers for friends and family when you're focusing on the big gifts.
We say every gift, big or small, has special meaning. Because when you give someone something special, they'll always have a sentimental memory of that moment and gift. There's nothing sweeter!
That's why we are sharing this collection of little trinkets, jewelry, teas, accessories, and more to help inspire your stocking stuffer game! We all have our stocking stuffer go-tos like socks, chapstick, and sweets, which are sprinkled inside. But, you may also find something special and unique that you know will light your special people up inside. Think things like handmade tea towels, scarves, and beautiful holiday decor that suits every style home! 
What will you put inside your favorite people's stockings this year?
Inspiration ahead!
P.S. You should know that this collection is specifically stocking stuffers for friends and family, i.e. the grown-ups. But, we have a kiddos stocking stuffer collection too!